The Four Elements of Green Architecture

As more people begin to wake up to the reality of global climate change, green architecture is becoming more popular. The younger, more eco-conscious generations are beginning to buy property, and there is an increasing demand for homes that can be sustainably built and run. Location, materials, and design all affect the energy efficiency of your home. There are four elements of green architecture you can use to make your home more energy efficient.

The Benefits of Using Biotechnology

The use of biotechnology has allowed us to make important advancements in medicine, industry, and agriculture. The first biotechnologists were able to cross-breed plants to produce predetermined crop sizes, colors, and yields. Biotechnology forever changed and improved the agriculture industry, and today, it’s being used to improve our food supply and medical care. While the use of biotechnology does present several drawbacks, it offers important benefits that make using it responsibly and ethically worthwhile

How Black Sky Thinking Can Benefit Your Life

How can black sky thinking improve your life? Scientists and architects aren’t the only ones who can benefit from black sky thinking.
If you want to reach your goals and achieve things most people say are impossible, you’ll have to adopt a completely different mindset. You have to change the way you think and solve problems if you want to reach new levels in life.

How Black Sky Thinking Can Help the Human Race

Every season, year, and decade brings new conflicts, wars, and issues that we must confront and solve. While it may seem like there’s always a new problem popping up on the news, it’s important to understand why the world seems to be in a constant state of chaos.
Issues centered around climate change, violence, racism, world hunger, and poverty have been around for hundreds of years. These problems are nothing new. When one small advancement is made on one of these issues, progress is quickly undermined by those who want to maintain the status quo or protect their interests.