About Us

Black sky thinking is a term commonly used in the realm of space exploration, but this radical way of thinking has the power to dramatically impact the Earth and the human race.

Who We Are

Black sky thinking is all about pushing beyond the realm of what's possible and obvious to create solutions that can make a real difference. While some may call this radical thought process risky, it often identifies solutions to unforeseen problems before they even arise.

Black sky thinking differs from blue sky thinking because the outcomes are almost always unpredictable. This blog is dedicated to exploring how black sky thinking can help us reach new heights in space, architecture, and more.

We want our readers to be able to think more radically, so the content on this blog is meant to be thought-provoking. Black sky thinking doesn't just go outside of the box, it attempts to discover how the box can be rebuilt to better support and sustain our needs.

The inspiration for this blog came from Dr. Rachel Armstrong, a professor of architecture at New Castle University. She is experienced in the fields of science, art, and architecture, and she pushes back against the notion that these disciplines should be separate. Black sky thinking resists compartmentalization. Instead, it finds ways for science and art to work together to forge creative solutions.



We believe that our environment's future depends on us. If we want to secure our future and the health of our planet, it's up to us to push past what is deemed possible, take risks, and come up with solutions that will allow us to take the human race to higher levels, stop global warming, and heal our planet.

The mission of this blog is to inspire our readers to take risks in their own lives, ask better questions, and think differently. It's about exploring what appears to be impossible to find answers to our most pressing issues like climate change, overpopulation, and the usage of natural resources.

Black sky thinking isn't just relevant in space, science, and technology. You can apply black sky thinking in your own life to radically transform your reality. There's a solution for every problem, but not all solutions are easy. In fact, some solutions come with so much risk, that they may seem unworthy to pursue.

Black sky thinking attempts to embrace risk as an inevitable part of progress. While blue sky thinking may earn you a life without discomfort or conflict, black sky thinking will grant you access to a life that goes beyond what society views as successful.


Our Writers

We believe that a combination of individual efforts and team work result in the most diverse and ingenious thinking. These are the thinkers and writers on our team.


Jack is our lead writer. He studied engineering at the University of Colorado He is passionate about pushing the ideas to their limits to create something new.


Zoya is our architecture expert. She studied architecture at Boston University and has always wanted to push beyond what we thing in possible in design. 


Alex has always wanted to solve problems by recreating the way we approve them. Alex studied psychology in college focusing on conflict. He bring a unique approach to our team.


Chris works in the tech world of designing. Since he was a teenager he's been exploring ways to change the way we think about tech design. He wants to help create new solutions to tech.