Why We Need to Explore Space

Since the first moon landing in 1969, the world has been interested in exploring space and all the mystery it holds. Seventy-two nations have a space program, and every day, new discoveries are being made on the final frontier.

Although space exploration may seem like a waste of time and money when there are so many problems to be solved here on Earth, space exploration benefits us and our planet in many different ways.

The Benefits of Exploring Outer Space

1. Space Exploration Can Improve Our Health

Discoveries made in space can have a direct impact on our health. Space exploration has led to many advancements in the medical field. Microgravity makes it easier to test new medicine and technology. For example, osteoporosis research in outer space has produced promising results. Like women with osteoporosis, astronauts lose bone mass while in space due to microgravity. Information gathered from testing osteoporosis drugs in space has made the treatment of bone cancer patients on Earth more effective.

2. Space Exploration Can Protect Us

If an asteroid hits Earth, it could disrupt everything about our lives or completely wipe out life on the planet. In order to protect the human race from extinction, it’s important that we keep an eye on the sky. Technology has been developed to determine an asteroid’s trajectory and likelihood of impact. Anything larger than 100 meters in diameter could pose a serious threat, so it’s important that we stay on the lookout for potential danger. While space programs costs billions of dollars to run, it’s worth every dime if it helps us stay safe from space junk.

3. Space Exploration Inspires Our Youth

Almost every kid dreams of becoming an astronaut at some point in their childhood. While only a few people have set foot on the moon, ongoing space exploration inspires our younger generations to dream big. When kids learn about space, it fosters an interest in science, technology, and adventure. In the sixties, kids got excited about going to the moon. Today’s generation will anxiously await the day they see a human being set foot on Mars.

4. Space Exploration Drives Humanity Forward

Space exploration allows humanity to unite peacefully for a common purpose. Exploring the final frontier serves everyone’s best interests, and eventually, we will need to colonize Mars in order to keep our species alive. Humans have innate desire to expand and explore. In the future, we may be able to explore the far reaches of space as technology advances. As we make new discoveries and gather information, the global population is able to benefit from the knowledge and insights gained during space exploration.

5. Space Exploration Encourages Black Sky Thinking

When we explore space, we are able to engage black sky thinking. This allows us to expand our knowledge and improve life on Earth. Black sky thinkers prioritize creativity and taking risks to solve problems. Space exploration is risky and costly, but as we continue to beat the odds and explore the further reaches of space, we are able to see the payoff of black sky thinking.

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