How Black Sky Thinking Can Help the Human Race

Every season, year, and decade brings new conflicts, wars, and issues that we must confront and solve. While it may seem like there’s always a new problem popping up on the news, it’s important to understand why the world seems to be in a constant state of chaos.

Issues centered around climate change, violence, racism, world hunger, and poverty have been around for hundreds of years. These problems are nothing new. When one small advancement is made on one of these issues, progress is quickly undermined by those who want to maintain the status quo or protect their interests.

These problems don’t get solved because the way we go about solving them is flawed. Many people in positions of power use blue sky thinking to solve problems. Even if they truly want to see change and progress, they don’t take the risks necessary to get to the root of the problems.

Systems that have been running this world need to be rebuilt from the ground up if we want to end world hunger, reverse global warming, and stop the violence that has plagued the human race for thousands of years.

Black sky thinking is all about taking risks and coming up with creative ways to solve problems. If leaders were to implement this type of thinking, progress could be made, but it would undoubtedly be met with resistance.

People don’t like change. Change feels uncomfortable and risky. Unfortunately, solving issues like climate change and world hunger will require change on everyone’s part. Blue sky thinkers don’t reinvent the wheel. Instead, they play it safe and blame the leaders for not being a fix-all for the world’s problems. If black sky thinking was adopted, we could come up with better systems that allow these problems to be solved faster, but it would require everyone to work together and cooperate.

If black sky thinking was adopted, we could reach new levels and eliminate many global issues. New solutions for housing, food, and medical care could be developed to be more sustainable and affordable. Those who believe that we will one day be able to live on Mars are the black sky thinkers we need in power to ensure our posterity.

Biotechnology and ecopoiesis can be used to create solutions for overpopulation and hunger. Black sky thinkers know that solving one major global issue can initiate a chain reaction that allows other issues to be resolved. For example, if everyone were to switch to a plant-based diet, global health would improve, and the planet would begin to heal.

As advancements in technology allow people to live longer, happier lives, colonizing Mars will become a very real and necessary solution. Black sky projects will allow the human race to live longer and thrive. Improvements in agriculture and medicine, along with endeavors in space, will allow us to eliminate and avoid threats like pestilence, starvation, illness, and asteroids that have the potential to eradicate the human race.

Black sky thinking isn’t just the solution to the world’s problems. It’s a thought process that involves thinking ahead to avoid disasters before they ever happen.

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